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Traditional warehousing has declined since the last decades of the 20th century, with the gradual introduction of Just In Time (JIT) techniques. The JIT system promotes product delivery directly from suppliers to consumer without the use of warehouses. However, with the gradual implementation of offshore outsourcing and offshoring in about the same time period, the distance between the manufacturer and the retailer (or the parts manufacturer and the industrial plant) grew considerably in many domains, necessitating at least one warehouse per country or per region in any typical supply chain for a given range of products.

KVR Logistics provides a wide range of warehousing solutions. Our logistics division has been serving the warehousing needs of companies across the country for past few years.  KVR Logistics Services are strategically located allowing us to efficiently serve all parts of the country. KVR Logistics Solutions were designed and built with the sole purpose of warehousing and distribution.
Our ongoing projects at Hyderabad are in advanced stage of implementation. Future projects at Bangalore & Delhi, the plans here are frozen and land acquisition is already in progress.

A total of vast over million sq. ft. area is covered by these projects. The project at each of these locations has areas in excess of 100 acres. All locations are planned strategically along highway, free from traffic & octroi zone.

KVR Logistics can quickly provide warehousing capability whenever it is required. If your inventory is overflowing, if you are experiencing issues due to insufficient or ineffective storage retrieval processes, let KVR Logistics handle it for you in our warehouse. Our experience in providing warehousing solutions will undoubtedly beneficial for your economy and provide you with a more efficient means of storing your product.

Warehousing Services Include:

  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Warehouse management system (WMS) integration to control inventory movements
  • Public warehousing
  • Contract warehousing
  • Monitored security systems including cameras
  • Monitored fire alarm system
  • Superior tilt-up construction
  • About one million square feet of space
  • Ample docks and truck doors
  • Up to 40' clear ceiling height as per the standards
  • Multiple rail-served locations
  • Sprinkler coverage throughout the space
  • Security cage for high value parts
  • World-class operators
  • 24 Hours security

Warehousing benefits at KVR Group:

  • We can manage your warehousing needs, so your company can devote more time and energy to its true focus. Let us handle the logistics.
  • We have experience in providing warehousing solutions for various product companies such as retail, agro, textile, shipping, automobile industries and many more.  
  • We have a variety of storage options.
  • We can create customized warehousing solutions for our customers as per the client requirements.
  • We have the ability and infrastructure to provide better warehousing solutions in a more economic and efficient way.

In order to get customized warehousing solutions, contact us to see how we can support your warehousing and inventory management needs.


Inventory Control >>
Provide a set of computerized procedures to handle the receipt of stock and returns into a warehouse facility, model and manage the logical representation of the physical storage facilities and product shipment details.
Transport Services >>
We arrange transportation facilities as per client requirements to all destinations and will ship practically anything anywhere with on-time delivery and peak efficiency.
Packaging >>
We provide the labor, equipment, location and knowledge to create and assemble the very best contract package for your product.
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