The internet has an influence on warehouses. Internet-based stores do not require physical retail space, but still require warehouses to store goods. This kind of warehouse fills many small orders directly from end customers rather than fewer orders of many items from stores. Our internet-based inventory and order management system allows you to manage and track a variety of reports & statistics including but not limited to order processing, product requests, sales reports and traffic statistics.
Having a large and complex supply chain containing many warehouses can be costly. It may be beneficial for a company to have one large warehouse per region, typically located centrally to transportation. At these continental hubs, goods may be customized for different regions. For example, goods get a price ticket in the language of the destination region.
Small, in-warehouse adjustments to goods are called value added services. No matter what you're warehousing with KVR Logistics, we know how vital it is to your business that you receive accurate, reliable inventory information precisely when you need it.

At KVR Logistics, our objective is to provide a set of computerized procedures to handle the receipt of stock and returns into a warehouse facility, model and manage the logical representation of the physical storage facilities (e.g. racking etc), manage the stock within the facility and enable a seamless link to order processing and logistics management in order to pick, pack and ship product out of the facility.

Our warehouse and computer networks and systems are monitored 24 hours a day, ensuring the safety of your products and data as well as nonstop operations of Internet-based services.

Warehousing Solutions >>
Provide customized warehousing solutions with a variety of storage options which include but not limited to small/big, covered/open and part/independent lots on short or long term lease.
Transport Services >>
We arrange transportation facilities as per client requirements to all destinations and will ship practically anything anywhere with on-time delivery and peak efficiency.
Packaging >>
We provide the labor, equipment, location and knowledge to create and assemble the very best contract package for your product.
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