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The high demand for logistics services is due to the significant growth in economy. For more than a decade, KVR Logistics has been a dominant player in logistics and warehousing with a lineup of more than a million square feet. KVR-Logistics warehouse construction model is intimately tied to trends and conditions of regional economic activity. Our infrastructure is geared towards industries which are in constant need of agile production facilities because their products face ever-shortening product life cycles. KVR-Logistics’ proximity to markets is one of its most outstanding attributes. Situated at the very core of the nation, KVR-Logistics offers overnight delivery to 25 percent of the Indian population.

KVR-Logistics is one of the fastest growing logistics service providers in India driven by customers and supported by a highly efficient administrative team. We provide long-term and reliable services to ensure hassle-free, efficient solutions to our clients. We have a slew of flexible programs that allow you to easily manage the dynamic requirements inherent in your line of business. We distinguish ourselves by offering performance-driven customized solutions resulting in significant cost savings and better service levels. Our dedication towards our work helped us to build one of the most reliable names in the industry.
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