Disinfected seeds, pre-germinated seeds, and pelleted and encrusted seeds are standard seed forms that KVR Agro provides to its customers. Disease free seeds are the basis for healthy crops. KVR Agro has very sophisticated proprietary processes to control and prevent the seed born diseases. Pre-germinated seeds will grow faster and more uniformly. Under desired heat, cold or drought conditions priming helps to generate rapid germination that lead to stronger seeding thus enhanced yield potentials. Pelletd or encrusted seeds are used for better sowing.

Seed Receiving >>
At KVR-Agro all the seeds are carefully verified while receiving to make sure that all the precise seed lot information is accurate.
Seed Conditioning>>
KVR Agro offers highest seed quality standards. Seed conditioning is essential to enhance the seed emergence through quality conditioning and seed sizing.
SeedTreatment >>
KVR Agro uses high-value film coating technologies. In this process, a polymer with several components is used to apply active ingredients to the seed in single or multi layers.
Seed Packing >>
At KVR-Agro seed products are packed in high-quality packages to ensure safe transportation and optimal protection in storage to our customers.
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