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Even after thousands of years agriculture remains the largest economic sector and plays a defining role in socio economic development of India. Being the second largest producer globally, India is an agricultural power to reckon with. Regardless of this the agriculture sector in India is highly un-organized and yields are hardly 30 to 50% of global standards. A change in this scenario is a national priority. With this precise thought, the KVR Agro has come up with the initiative of developing high yielding agricultural infrastructure. For the purpose, we have chosen initiation point to be the state of Andhra Pradesh for apparent reasons. It has abundant natural resources, diverse crop patterns, robust infrastructure, industry friendly policies and dependable power supply scenario. And the state is also best known, for welcoming innovative schemes.

Seed processing is a crucial aspect of seed production. At KVR-Agro we employ the best processing machinery and equipment to ensure high quality seeds. The processing personnel are well trained to produce consistent quality, since each lot is from a different seed production farmer. Seed processing is essential to dry the seeds to safe moisture level, reduce or remove to the degree possible the diverse undesirable material, weed seeds, other crop seeds, scratched or deteriorated seeds, consistent size grading and seed treatment to upgrade the overall seed quality.

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